25.03.20 02:02 PM

Good results at the CSI Valencia Spring Tour 2020

The meeco Equestrian Team, backed by their sponsor, the global solar provider The meeco Group, participated at the CSI Spring Tour in Valencia. From February 28th until March 1st, the meeco riders gave their best in a high qualified competition. In the end, Javas Gold Rush performed best and achieved a fantastic 3rd rank in the 1.30 m challenge.


The event began on Friday, February 28th with the CSI 1* 1.20 m show. In a very big group, consisting of 69 participants, OurSun Caretanos and LMK Petit Bonbon fought for podium positions. Both riders performed very well and jumped faultlessly twice. Only 27 riders out of 69 managed this partial success. Against such a large number of competitors, time is a key element. At the end of the event, LMK Petit Bonbon jumped to a more than satisfying 18th rank and OurSun Caretanos finished 13th. A good start into the event.


On the Saturday, the meeco riders started with OurSun Caretanos at the CSI 1* 1.30 m class, followed by Javas Gold Rush and Lacoste Ph in the same class. Oursun Caretanos made another two faultless rounds but it was again the factor of time which robbed him of a better position. After this show, Javas Gold Rush and Lacoste Ph immediately took part in the 1.30 m A2 event as well. The Rheinländer gelding Lacoste Ph made a faultless round and jumped to a good 13th place. In the same show, Javas Gold Rush jumped a wonderful and clear round as well. With a very fast time, Javas Gold Rush left a lot of competitors behind and achieved a great 3rd rank in this class, the best result achieved for The meeco Equestrian Team on this weekend.


On Sunday, March 1st, it was OurSun Caretanos who attracted attention to our team. At the 1.20 m challenge, the Holsteiner gelding had to prove himself against 74 competitors. With his 5th faultless round on this weekend, OurSun Caretanos jumped to a good 21st rank.


“The meeco riders did a good job during the Spring Tour in CES Valencia. The only drawback was, that we could have achieved better results, if we had been faster. We will try to improve our speed and adjust a few other factors,” stated a satisfied coach Pedro Sanchez Aleman.